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I take time for your medical history and conduct safety tests and physical examinations before the first treatment! Feel free to bring or send me X-ray images or other analytical documents before or to the appointment!


The spinalyser is used to measure the (posture of the) spine. The patient stands with his back to the examiner, who measures the plumb line, the pelvic, shoulder and occipital line with the help of elastic bands.

The posture patterns provide information about the patient's condition and the SOT category in which the patient is located and how he is treated/adjusted.

Shifting the weight distribution

To determine whether there is a shift in the weight distribution to one side of the body, patients are placed on two scales. Taken together, the spinalyzer and the two scales provide a valid result for the comparison in the course of therapy of the patient.
The outcome control plays a central role in chiropractic treatments.


The nervo-scope is used for the exact localization of the subluxation. This is understood to mean misalignments of spinal vertebrae or pinched nerves.

The device is a simple electric thermometer that measures the temperature difference between two adjacent skin points.

mobee ® spine
The mobee ® spine allows a unique, functional spinal screening and a well-founded analysis of the back. The sagittal, frontal and dual measurements are performed.

With the SpineCheck Score, examinations of the thoracic spine, lumbar spine and hip are carried out about posture, mobility and posture competence.

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mobee ® med

With mobee ® med I record the joint mobility as well as relevant additional information, e.g. on pain and end feeling. The extensive evaluation and documentation of these measurement results can be used as a part of further therapeutic measures and for communication with doctors, health insurance companies or other practitioners. Efficient documentation represents the course of therapy and also makes small successes visible.

mobee ® fit

With mobee ® fit I collect an analysis of the mobility of relevant muscle groups and reveal deficits and asymmetries. Thanks to easy-to-understand progress checks and individual exercise recommendations, it forms an ideal planning basis for mobility-promoting measures.

mobee ® 360

mobee ® 360 is the combination option with the Backscan ® back expert tool for 3D analysis of the shape of the spine and posture with 3D animation. All systems run on a common software platform.

Spine Check Score

  • Analysis of mobility, posture, posture competence and symmetry
  • Linking of analysis results of the proven measurement profiles "SpineCheck Score" from BackScan ® and "Back Check-Up" from mobee ® fit
  • An understandable, compact presentation with a focus on functionality. Individual evaluations and progress reports
  • Output of result reports

Mobee ® scal

Mobee ® scale analyzes and documents body composition, body proportions, cardiovascular condition and risk factors – this forms an ideal basis for individual training planning and nutritional advice.

Stress ® Pilot Pro

Stress ® Pilot Pro analyzes the functional state of our autonomic nervous system (VNS) as the higher-level headquarters of the organism. In this centre, subordinate systems, e.g. cardiovascular, immune, hormonal and digestive systems are controlled. Diagnostics of such systems require in-depth knowledge of the state of the VNS. This knowledge can be gained and conveyed with the help of the new Stress Pilot Pro.

Advanced analysis options / video:

  • Cardiovascular adaptability
  • Speed of stress regulation
  • Scope for stress regulation
  • Total vegetative activation
  • Vegetative reserve of strength and much more

Mobility analysis for seniors

The digital analysis tool mobee ® care stands for assessments and measures to maintain and improve the physical mobility of seniors.

It supports independence and quality of life in old age, both in health-oriented fitness and therapy centres, as well as in residential foundations and care facilities


  • New features such as the addition of a five-minute HRV test to the existing one-minute RSA test
  • Easy-to-understand evaluations
  • Vivid visualizations
  • Transfer the result report to the subjects' smartphone via QR code

Active insoles do not compensate for misalignments but train the feet back to their natural shape!

The "springs" place a foot-lifelike, springy arch under the foot and do not orient themselves, like classic insoles, on the deformity of the foot. The small joints of the feet will adapt to this natural shape. As a result, a physiological impulse arises immediately and the body statics realign anew.

This constant sincere impulse through the foot will support and activate your entire body. The active insoles act therefore as a "gym for the feet".

Fascial training from the "sole to the vertex" and a "fundamental static impulse" for the entire musculoskeletal system are often the key to the causal elimination of complaints and hence far more than a therapy that treats the symptoms.

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